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    for the contemporary art and culture



    The true idea of the program is hidden under the covering of the outside event. In the program the author wants to express in a modern form happiness, love, compassion, tolerance, capability and incapability to adapt to the Fast-changing world.

    The program is targeted mainly towards an audience of thinkers and YOUNG-SPIRITED people.

    We ? a group of creators in an inappropriate time for creativity in the country TRY TO KEEP ALIVE the spirit of Bulgarian intellectuals.

    But is this possible ? here & now ?!?

    The Care of the spiritual health of the Nation cannot be put off any longer !!! Neither can we register the tragic and comical efforts of the Bulgarian in his fight for healing.

    "ALL IN A BREATH" is a self-expressing barometer of the more meaningful and intriguing manifestations in the sphere of art and culture.

    "ALL IN A BREATH" is a social-cultural program that fosters the development of civil society in Bulgaria. In its public debates on social-political topics, "ALL IN A BREATH" provides a neutral platform for free expression for different groups of Bulgarian society and cradles a new form for participatory culture which has started to develop in Bulgaria recently. With its artistic and cultural programs "ALL IN A BREATH" shelters independent groups of artists giving them opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and question prevailing perceptions. "ALL IN A BREATH" also cultivates a culture of life-long learning by offering training courses and programs and by maintaining a comprehensive resource center which can be used by wide public

    Contents of the program

    The shopping program covers all forms of art, human behavior and professions as art. Our purpose is to reveal the freedom of the human spirit and the variety of its displays. Our expressiveness will be spontaneous and genuine, at times almost next door to ultimate eccentricity and extreme experiences. We aim at achieving an "intelligent expressiveness". With each forthcoming issue of the ALL IN A BREATH program the author will attempt to question all norms and limitations of the form of presentation avant-garde syntax, provocations and unsuspected twists. However, step by step, finding its specifics, ALL IN A BREATH started creating its own media image.