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Anthony Hickox: "I enjoy my work as a child"

Interview: Dessislava Tomova

I got closely acquainted with the filming process of the action „Submerged” directed by Anthony Hickox, produced by the American company “New Image”. On one of the days the set was located in the building of the National Opera and Ballet - Sofia. The whole time we were keeping away from shots, we witnessed the murder of a man, the unpleasant sound of bullet flapping still echoes in my ears. In one of the breaks I had a few words with the director and we made an appointment for the next day to make an interview. A few more persuasion on the telephone, and here we are in the lunch-break in front of the National gallery for foreign art. Anthony Hickox was born in 1964 in London, England. His mother Ann Coats works as an editor, producer, as well as a nurse. His father Douglas Hickox is also a director.

How do you find working with Steven Seagal and Vinnie Jones?
Vinnie is one of my favorite actors. I’ve worked with him previously in another film directed by me - „Blast!” There he plays the terrorist Michael Kittredge, who is leading a group of highly qualified mercenaries, planning to dismantle an electromagnetic bomb. An amazing version of „The new Pearl Harbor”... For Steven Seagal I leave with no comment.

When and where will be the premiere of the film?
It is too early to say when but it will surely be in America and England because a lot of English actors took part in it, and later maybe the film will come to Bulgaria. Wow, you’re wearing the British flag!

Yes, I did this because of you, and I wanted to check if you have a sharp eye. What is the interaction between the actors in the principal roles?
This depends on the scenario, on the plot, of which I am a co-author. It is very specific and different in every scene. The actors partner to each other and get on with each other. Steven Seagal stands on the one side, and everybody else on the other (ha-ha-ha-ha). This was a joke. (During the conversation Anthony gulps familiarly and in large mouthfuls from my Coca-Cola.)

What are your requirements during the casting?
The actors have to be good, appropriate for the role. I am a film director and it’s not my job to educate the actors what they should do, I don’t have time for this stuff. We can only provide some guidelines for how to achieve the perfect final result. I enjoy my work as a child. This is the only thing I’d ever like to work. In this way I go through my dreams.

Do you like the European cinema? Which are the last European films that you watched?
Ooo, no, I watch only American movies (ha-ha-ha)... I’m joking, of course. I like the director Francois Ozon. I watched “Swimming pool” and “8 femmes” and I’m excited, and I also like Polanski and Milos Forman.

What kind of a person can impress you?
Wow, what a question. A very rich person. No, I’m kidding. I like all kind of people, however they should be pleasant, with sense of humor, and do what comes from their hearts.

What do you prefer to work – to be a script-writer or a director?
Both of these are inseparably connected. I like the result of director work. I also like writing, because writing is something intimate and interesting, you can create any plots you like. In staging there are more limitations for what you must achieve with the completed scenario. In writing you can dream of anything. So this is the better job.

Which are your favourite authors?
I like very much the horror genre in the face of Stephen King.

Would you like to wish something to our readers!
It’s a difficult question... (mmmmm). Take care!