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Jean-Claude Van Damme is protecting his love

It’s a real pleasure to meet a world-known celebrity such as Jean-Claude Van Damme. People from the team work hard and concentrated during the filming process. So the Hollywood star with nick-name J-C, doesn’t want at all to distract his attention with answering any kind of questions. After the completion of the film „In Hell” he is much more responsive and helpful. A couple of hours before his flight I find him have a drink relaxing on the terrace of “Radisson”. He was celebrating the completion of the filming and was well disposed for having a few words.

How do you find your current stay in Bulgaria?
Here I feel like home. Bulgaria is very suitable for making films. People from the team are great professionals and work really hard. The state hinders the production of cinema, despite the good intentions of the American company „New image” to invest money here.

What kind of problems do they face? The taxation authorities refuse to restore the value added tax deposited by the company.

What makes your role in this production different from your previous ones in the action genre?
I arrived in Bulgaria earlier than planned in order to get prepared and adapt to the role of Kyle. In „In Hell” my role is dramatic. In this film it is different, more thorough and advanced… It is my first one that performs such a strong and impressive character. This is a character that protects his love. The action takes place after the emotion. The emotion is much more important than the action. The message of this film is addressed to love.

I think it is unnecessary to ask you why you react so sharply towards the journalists?
Usually I’m surrounded by numerous paparazzi that never leave me alone. They try all kind of ways to become part of my personal life. Their shamelessness and impudence make me really furious. I’m trying to keep myself under control but I find most support in this from my assistant Cathy Brighton.

I hope you don’t put me in this category?
Suddenly J-C hugs me round the waist.

How do you see yourself in global plan?
I think the public gets the wrong impression for me from the films I make. On the contrary of what people expect, in the real life I am quite vulnerable, sensitive and sincere. I like being always with the women next to me. I am a workaholic. I don’t need many breaks; my work charges me with energy.

What are the ambitions and aspirations of your son Christopher?
He wants to follow my actor career. Maybe later he will enjoy being a film director, and of course, having a family when the time comes. He admires the work of Tim Burton as a sci-fi director. He knows my films and he feels as a part of them. He is also very hard in training for karate as well as forming himself as a person. He is a smart boy.

									Dessislava Tomova