Original gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated on February 14. The name of the holiday comes from one of two Christian martyrs named Valentine who lived during the third century. Originally an old Roman Catholic holiday, it begins to connect with romantic love in the Middle Ages. The most popular gifts are flowers, chocolate and jewelry in the shape of hearts. A novelty gift is as animated 3D heart throbbing .

The options can glad your wife or husband are different. No matter what your sexual orientation. Unleash your imagination and invent something more original than the adopted exchange cards. Using your creative potential, your good ideas can materialize out of cardboard, as is the case with our Valentine-flower. On each of the four petals is glued to one small letter spelling of the word "love" in Spanish - AMOR. Individual leaves are linked together with gold and silver threads, a special decoration of the device is made of red foil. This Valentine can be successfully used as bonbonniere or inside some sugar to put temptation in the form of bunny.