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Sexy Jazz

Dessislava Tomova

When photographer Nacho Kamenov first saw Desi Tomova, she was riding her bike across the urban jungle. He was so impressed by her artistic looks that he immediately offered to make a nude photography session with her, just like that, riding along the Grafa Boulevard. It is not clear whether she took that as a bold flirt only, yet she gladly tells of the relations between the man behind the lens and his nude model.

Warning: the lovely young lady in the photo is not Desi.

Nacho Kamenov began his infatuation with photography quite accidentally when his father gave him a camera as a present. He received his first distinction in 1980, a Fotovakantsia award for nude photography. Just recently, he and Georgi Neykov organized an exhibition commemorating Helmut Newton. Presently, he is chiefly involved in advertising photography for brands such as Florina, Peshtera anisette, Bulbank, Glavbulgarstroi, Bulgartabac, etc.

Nude photographies are one of Kamenov’s passions. He explains, “My first impression of a woman is never the most precise. I discover my characters quite spontaneously. Each body is beautiful in itself.” These are the women we meet in the streets, inside cafes or night clubs, on TV or a theater stage, inside a superstore or at a famous designer’s. He has made a rule to have no personal relations with his models, otherwise the magic breaks. First he makes them feel at ease, with a generous serving of jazz and a good drink. Then technology steps in, the lens opens, the flash goes off.

Az magazine, March 2005