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Astrology as a yearning

Desislava Tomova on the future that always happens in a single way

The secret texts of all religions have stated many a time that there are no secrets that will not be revealed sooner or later. Secrets may be carefully guarded but when the moment of their disclosure arrives, no-one and nothing can prevent it. Of all the arts stemming from the ancient magical wisdom, astrology has suffered the greatest number of misconceptions. Nowadays, no-one believes in the universal harmony, or in the indestructible connection between cause and effect. As early as the decline of Antiquity and especially during the Middle Ages, astrology was reduced to literal interpretations and superstitions. Reclaiming its initial purity involves to a certain sense the creation of an entirely new science.

When stars change their relative locations, astrology loses its absolute accuracy with respect to the present moment. There exists a link between stars, by force of their attraction to one another, that maintains the balance between them and makes them move across space in a particular pattern. The fate of a newborn child depends to a much greater extent by the position of one star or another, especially if we consider the fact that by its very birth, this child has taken its destined place in the harmony of the Universe. Astrology does not determine the precise course of one’s life, but it does play a part in it as it represents a scientific and magical calculation of all possible variants.

Astrology is considered to be a much more ancient science than astronomy. All great sages of old had complete trust in it, therefore we should not rashly reject that which has been backed by unquestionable authorities. According to all great astrologers, comets are the stars of extraordinary heroes; they pass by the Earth to advice us of the advent of great changes. Planets have an impact on human interactions and change human fates. Motionless stars, being more distant, have a lesser influence on individuals, predetermining their dispositions. Often, an entire constellation deals with the fate of a single person, just like a beam of light is capable of illuminating a multitude of people.

Any regime keeps its super-secrets in a safe box, hoping to make use of them one day. Or if not of the secrets themselves, then of the people who are related to them.

The capacity of astrologers to penetrate the future is well-known, although often rejected and ridiculed. The information they provide is clear, precise, dated. It is another issue whether this information on the course of the future will appeal to those who are looking for it. On numerous occasion and in hundreds of books, various people – physicists, psychologists, philosophers – have reflected upon clairvoyance and have reached the conclusion that the future can happen in several different ways. It can be predicted in general terms, but never in details. This attempt to escape the truth is understandable. The future always happens in a single way that has already been encoded. The decoded information always applies to a single version of it. The most recent declassified  documents concerning the occult circle at the Third Reich provide yet another proof. The most distinguished magi and astrologers convened secretly in the mystical Wartburg Castle on the eve of World War Two. Their predictions were furiously rejected by the Fuhrer. Later, they all came true. To this day, they have been kept in absolute secrecy.

There is a poem by Gianni Rodari that sounds almost prophetic: “Men of Glass”. People have been losing their ability to communicate telepathically, intuitively, sensitively.

We have lost our connection to God. The harmony with ourselves. We can cite various reasons for that; the most important in this case, however, is that with each passing day we human beings become more haughty, devoid of emotions, amputated of feelings. Could it be then that the cause for confusing the languages of the peoples at Babel lay precisely here? Could it be that we have started peering ever more often into the mirror with the hope of beholding our own adorned reflection and exclaiming, “Wow, just look how pretty and invaluable I actually am!” Such an exclamation would rather come from someone overvalued or unvalued, never from someone valuable. Admiring yourself – this is perhaps the only quality that distinguishes man from the animals ... making him look ridiculous compared to them. Talking about oneself has never been considered a merit, even in prophecies. Which is easy to account for. There is nothing hard in being an honest person: this is perhaps the only occupation where there is no fierce competition.


Az magazine, June 2002, column Astrograph