BBT - morning block , Smooth melody, Desi Tomova

Highlights from the event

  • Àðòèñòè÷eí îïèò çà ëåòåíå “Íà åäèí äúõ”

  • Harem
    A special place for special people
    with a new artistic program

    11.02.2004ã. (ñðÿäà)
    Jazz duet "SMOOTH MELODY"
    Rumen Rumenov - vocals
    Dimitur Ionchev - piano
    Classic jazz
    Start: 22:00

    Jazz duet "SMOOTH MELODY"
    Mediator between the spiritual and sensual life

    The songs are out of the repertoire:
    Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Hoagy Carmichael, Michael Franks, Manhattan Transfer, Sarah Vanghan, Al Jarreau .…

    Milestones in the work of the team of "All in a breath "
    Live music will be accompanied by film-showing of footages from world Jazz festivals, archive footages of performances of the Jazz duet "SMOOTH MELODY", footage of thematic reportage photography exhibition entitled "Jazz" photographic studio "MEM" (students from New Bulgarian University - Simeon Svilenov, Emil Buzatov) presented during the months June-July 2003 in Gallery "Seasons" and exhibition "Jazz" Miroslav Hutsek - one of the most prominent names in the Czech journalistic photography where attention is focused on the giants and the big names in jazz.

    Photographs of the jazz performers are in black and white and in a plain style. The concept of the flyers design is created by a student from New Bulgarian University majoring in photography Todor Tsvetkov (teachers Yanka Kyurkchieva, Dinamir Predov).

    Synthesis of different arts into one inseparable whole, determines the simultaneous running of several creative actions.

    A distinction is made between the audience / the artists from the stage level and at the same time the leading players can freely circulate in the space around it.

    Improvisation in the performance of individual actors is not an aim in itself. It is made in order to acquire happening in colorful form, but also not to lose its spontaneity and crudity. Nevertheless the stage performance is predetermined by the screenwriter (concept creator and director).

    Desislava Tomova
    Concept creator the project "a breath"