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Desislava Tomova

I do not know if they will make it, but they have certainly done their best. They – a group of film-makers in a time most unsuitable for film-making in Bulgaria – are TRYING TO KEEP the spirit of Bulgarian intelligence awake. Iglika Trifonova, Ivan Cherkelov, Lyudmil Todorov, Mario Krastev, Milena Andonova, Rositsa Valkanova, Svetoslav Ovcharov – all of them students of Georgi Dyulgerov and Mladen Kiselov – now play the authors of a very realistic and humane book. Their skilful stories are in fact portraits of Bulgarians. Each of their characters seeks to discover his own world, full of harmony and happiness. Is this possible – here and now? The wild challenges of life have the effect of a creative Viagra. The magnificent seven whom we know so well from the large screen now submerge us in intriguing tales, dynamic and colorful. Never mind that the experience is nothing like cinema. Taking care of the nation’s spiritual health simply CANNOT BE DELAYED! Nor can be documenting the tragicomic efforts of Bulgarians in their struggle for survival. All accumulated emotions should become art, and the sooner the better, the authors say. While the phoenix of our cinema is preparing to be reborn, they have grabbed their feathers and applied them to a sheet of paper – in Rakopisi (Manuscripts).


Podium Magazine, July 2000