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  • Carting – Grand Prix I surely know some things That are beyond doubt. When you’re fed up with boredom, With sedentary kind of life, With unscrupulousness, Lawlessness, Irresponsibility, Inconsolability, Insanity, Impersonality, Well… With all the negatives in general You jump with the head foremost in SOMETHING crazy. This time I became Number one in carting. You ease the gas pedal And rush past Your troubles – Forgotten at the curve. Everything must happen So fast, that the past must whiz In the air like needless dust After a passing car. When you reach the finish you put on the brake For to come to your senses and wake up. The poem “Carting – Grand Prix” was published in one of the best known national literary issues – “New Pulse”, 7/2006 (17 April - 7 May)