A special place for special people
with a new artistic program

14.02 Saturday
Art group "KUXAN SUUM" - arte en movimiento
performance, fiery dance

"KUXAN SUUM" is a term coming from the Mayas which means a pathway to paradise leading to the navel string of the universe (this is vital blood, galaxy-invisible lines passing through "KIN", the sun). In the ancient civilization of Mayas the time represents one of the most important concepts which form their cosmology; where the human attitude towards his own time coincides with his attitude towards his consciousness as well as with life and death.

"KUXAN SUUM arte en movimiento", is a synthesis of elements used for the creation of an hypersensitive sigh, unreal image hanging in space, a moment of beauty caressing certain angle of your memory.
We collect ideas and symbols of different cultures, natural elements, elements of as many forms of art as it’s possible; in a series from A to Z which starts from the contemporary dance, "contact" dance, "bharatanathyam" (the Indian classical dance), theatre expression, dancing with fire (where various tools are used such as chains, torches, one or two big sticks, ropes, fire fingers and crowns) as well as different symmetrical choreographies, depending on the number of people; "bellydance", stilts, 6-meter bands and neon-light shows, hanging creatures, body paint, 3D visions and visions of moving slides (using different screens), masks and costume design, etc. ...
Nowadays we have built a society which is completely different from the preceding ones, which have existed in the past. The contemporary civilization is completely unaware of the principles of the universe and instead of them it switches over to extreme levels of stress and chaos. We were born in the era of "I have no time" and "Time is money", but there are reasons for this, so we first have to be aware of "why" and "what for" we do something, and hardly afterwards do it.
There already exists a huge group of people who constantly develop themselves and this development is dedicated to the transformation of our lifestyle into an alternative one; more civilized, where the patterns of contemporary life are questioned, and serious efforts are made aimed at turning the motto "Time is money" into "Time is ART"...

Dessislava Tomova
Concept of the project "All in a breath"