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Dessislava Tomova in the orbit of special effects

SundogFilms works in the film industry for thirty years, and it is most popular mainly in two directions: production and post-production. They are proud that they the Canadians use for the first time digital post-production in their neighborhood in 1980. However the company is established nine years earlier – in 1971, by Wayne Trickett. He first rushes to produce music videos, TV shows, documentary films and motion pictures, and obviously he is still not fed up with this, since his work brought him now to Bulgaria.

Wayne was born in Canada and since he was a child, he got used to life on the way. His father served in the Navy; this means everything else but staying in the same place. However it was not the epaulet what attracted Trickett Junior, but the National Film Board of Canada – there he makes experimental films. Later he takes up advertising and show-business, and… this is how SundogFilms appears. In Bulgaria I find him on the set of „NINE LIVES” produced by David Carson, starring Wesley Snipes.

Would you describe your work on this production?
I work on creating all the visual effects. I don’t know exactly how many the cadres for the effects are – between about 200 and 300.

What is the difference between visual and the other kinds of effects?
Visual effects are digital, located in the virtual reality. We combine 3-D images with 4-D photos, until we receive a 3-D visual effect.

What exactly comprises your work with the actors?
If in a scene there is an effect, we make it. There is a definite way for the actors to stay in order to shoot the scene. In fact we don’t have a direct contact with the actors, we just shoot, scan, process...

What is the interaction between art and technology?
Everything is combined. The more technical means are used, the more art increases its influence. Better results are received when you are deep in your ideas and you know what effect you want to achieve.

									Dessislava Tomova