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Carl Luis: Right now I’m going through a supreme moment!

It is an incredible chance to take an interview from the phenomenal sportsman Carl Luis... He is one of that people who don’t need a special presentation. However.., 41-year old Luis, proclaimed the track-and-field athlete of the century, came to Bulgaria to make his cinema debut. The first film in his career is the sci-fi thriller "Alien Hunter" produced by the company New Image. According to the scenario the character of Luis - Grisham has established contact with an alien creature. He dies in the middle of the film, killed by his colleagues with whom he quarrels about what they should do with the creature, which they found in the ice of Antarctica... minutes before the beginning f the next retake, Carl answers very friendly the questions of “Moda” (“Fashion”) magazine, asked by Dessi Tomova - host of the TV culture show “All in a breath” (“Na edin duh”) on Channel 3.

- What are your impressions from Bulgaria?
- For me it is very interesting to be here because I’ve never ever been to Bulgaria. Unfortunately making this film is difficult…
- Why did you choose exactly this genre – sci-fi thriller?
- For me as a debutant this is something new – my first big role in the cinema. I don’t think I am on such a level in my career, when I can decide what I should play, and how. What I did is try to receive and play the best role I could. "Alien Hunter" is a really good film, so I’m glad to be part of it.
- How do you feel in your role, does it suit you?
- On the one hand, considering the age and appearance of my character, yes. Everything fits very well. But there are also some differences – he is a military man, and I have never served as a soldier.
- Were there any problems with the scenario and your role in the film?
- No, I didn’t have problems with the scenario, neither with my role. All the people I work with are incredible! This is something new and it’s extremely important for me to become well acquainted with the work, and this is far from easy. Acting is a difficult job! You always have good and bad moments. Fortunately with the current team we did work very well together.
- Who has the first place in your life?
- For the time being, especially for me, nobody. Though I’ve always had a very united family, and we are still very close to each other. So at present the closest people are my family.
- What is the connection between sports and the cinema?
- These are different aspects of my life. When I retired from sports I did it definitely and left it there. In the past.
- In an interview you share that you don’t live in the past. However what is the thing that you cannot possibly forget and that is engraved in your memory?
- I have many such moments. At the moment I’m going through one of them. This is a supreme moment since it is the beginning of a new life...

									Dessislava Tomova