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Stanzas in the spirit of Geo Milev

Dessislava Tomova

The Blind Hanging Infinity is the first book of poetry of Yassen Vassilev, student of dramaturgy in the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. The book of the publishing house Hermes contains 22 poems in the spirit of Geo Milev the best works of the projects Delusions, When the clocks are melting and Dirtify written in the last two years. The maker creates ingenious references to other sciences and arts in an expressionistic style. The pages are brimming over with glass eyes and smelt clocks, trees with and without leaves, mirrors and Tarot Cards, clowns and cut-off heads, deserts and seas, crosses and circles, erotic and revolts, matter and mystery, time and eternity

This article was published on 26.05.2009 in "Novinar" newspaper