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The snails from the garden in front of the Presidency will be put up for auction

The works from the Snail Art street exhibition that have been entertaining the people of Sofia for the past month in the garden between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers are going to be sold at a charity auction. It will take place in the Sofia Art Gallery from 11 to 14 oclock on January 8.

Only 18 of all the 30 colorful snails will take part in the bidding. The opening bid of each is going to be 1500 leva. Two days before the auction, the sculptures are going to be renovated, and the proceeds are going to help disadvantaged young people.

The Snail Art street exhibition, first of its kind in Bulgaria, was organized by the Artamontsev gallery, Isabelle Sol Dourdin and the Sofia Municipality.

									Dessislava Tomova
								          Newspaper 'Novinar' 06.01.2005