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Desislava Tomova

Transnorma/Transforma is a unique fashion show with an unconventional urban choreography. The show conceptor Stefan Antoni-Shterev, choreographer Erol Alexandrov and designer Mira Bachvarova have developed their Edgewalk project in defiance of all norms and format limitations. The result is a modernist form, avant-garde stylistics and nontraditional designer solutions in absolute opposition to classical reviews.

The entire process of clothes changing, regrouping and preparation takes place right before the audience which becomes both a witness to and a participant in the show. The choreography is very dynamic and communicative. The models are not just moving dolls, but actors. Artists sketch down moments of the review in real time. The action on-stage alternates with presenting the collection in images, sound, static and mobile visual projections.

Edgewalk successfully resonates with our new age by integrating various modernist art forms. It provokes us and at the same time invites us to be more tolerant to “new” clothes and their unconventional display before an audience.


Moda magazine, January 2001