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44 visual arts route: Presentation of Dessislava Tomova in Close-up discussion club

44 visual arts route navigated by Dobrin Atanassov and his team
28.06.2007 Close-up discussion club Hambara, 18.30h

Is it necessary to have an art and culture program or it is easier to overfill the TV space with commercial products without any aesthetic or educational value? How long will the mass culture feast over the serious culture? The small screen is capable of turning a whole people into a public which receives its intellectual charge only inside their rooms at a low price and respectively at a low level. How can an average consumer get out of the web of low culture where he has been weaved, and overcome the still and lazy position he is in? What are the financing mechanisms for such programs, rubrics, culture broadcasts in the Bulgarian television, and are there any at all? Who are their recipients, what is their audience rating and status in society?

We will discuss all of these in the 44 Visual Arts Route project with Dessislava Tomova who will present the TV program for art and culture called ALL IN A BREATH, broadcasted on Channel 3 from 2002 to 2004.